Vietnam Clothes Price Lasted Update: What You Should Know

Vietnam Clothes Price Lasted Update: What You Should Know

This is an extensive guide that encompasses all types of Vietnam clothes prices. This post is beneficial if you are interested in information about fashion.

In this post, we will compare contemporary Vietnam clothes prices and highlight some of the factors affecting them. This guide is the perfect starting point for any wholesaler or supplier who wants to get a better understanding of the market of Vietnamese fashion.

1. Vietnam Clothes Prices for a Selection of Clothing Styles

For more information on Vietnam clothes prices in dong, this section will give you an example of the cost of some products that are common in Vietnam including T-shirts, jeans, and jackets.

1. 1. Vietnam clothes price for T-Shirt

The Vietnam clothes price depends on a number of variables such as fabric type and brand. Vietnamese T-shirts are available in different styles and can be designed in several ways. Therefore, the prices of Vietnamese clothing for T-shirt models may differ.

T-shirt models


Basic T-shirt

4 to 7 US dollars

Graphic T-shirt

4 to 13 US dollars

Branded T-shirt

22 US dollars or more

Custom T-shirt

7 to 22 US dollars

Vietnam clothes prices also depend on the manufacturer that one orders from as well as the T-shirt models.

Overall, Vietnam has relatively cheaper clothing prices for T-shirts if in contrast to other nations. For instance, a basic T-shirt in Vietnam is likely to cost between $2 and $4. However, the price of like T-shirt in the USA may cost anything between $10 and $20 or even greater reliance on the kind and the brand.

However, it is crucial to remember that the Vietnam clothes price could vary based on the shop and its location. For instance, the T-shirts in the up-market brands in the big cities such as Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City may be as expensive as those in the Western countries.

To sum up, even though T-shirts in Vietnam might be less expensive than T-shirts in other countries, it is still recommended to compare prices and learn the price differences of T-shirts in Vietnam as it can also depend on several factors.

1. 2. Vietnam clothes prices for product jeans style

In Vietnam, the price of jeans might vary depending on some factors, such as models, style, and others. Like T-shirts, the Vietnam clothes price in dong for jeans depends on the cut.

Styles of jeans


Straight leg jeans

13 to 43 US dollars

Skinny jeans

17 to 65 US dollars
Bootcut jeans

22 to 52 US dollars

Flare jeans

17 to 43 US dollars

Boyfriend jeans

17 to 65 US dollars

Once again, remember that Vietnam clothes prices may vary based on the kind of clothing. In addition, some of the factories can negotiate on the price when placing an order for their products. It is always advisable to take some time and look for the prices prior to making any order.

The cost for basic, non-embellished jeans is typically between 13 and 22 US dollars in Vietnam. Vietnam has relatively cheap jeans in contrast to other nations. Jeans for example can range between at least 30 to 300 euros in any part of Europe.

Vietnamese jeans, based on the brand, quality, and store, may be cheaper or more expensive than those available in European countries. All in all, Vietnam’s lower labor and manufacturing costs than Europe might lead to lower jeans prices. This cost may also be because European nations frequently possess stringent regulations on the sustainability of the environment and labor practices when manufacturing apparel.

One should also note that costs can differ based on whether the wholesalers are ordering from a market that has low prices or an upscale store. Also, such factors as well as exclusive offers, rebates, and exchange rates can affect Vietnam clothes prices.

1. 3. The price of jackets in Vietnam of the clothing styles

You spend less money on coats while shopping for clothes since labor and production costs are lower in Vietnam than they are in other countries. Similar to any other type of clothing, the prices of jackets in Vietnam might vary based on the design.



Basic lightweight jacket

15-25 USD

Fleece jacket

20-40 USD

Denim jacket

30-50 USD
Leather jacket

50-150 USD

Bomber jacket

30-60 USD

Parka jacket

50-100 USD

Puffer jacket

30-80 USD

However, it is important to note that these are estimated Vietnam clothes prices which are also known as Vietnam buying clothes, these costs may vary based on the store where the jacket is bought as well as the brand or style of the jacket in particular.

Clothes price in Vietnam for jackets has been observed to be cheaper in Vietnam than in additional Asian nations. In Vietnam, the price of a basic, non-branded jacket can be between 22 US dollars and 44 US dollars. The prices of jackets in Japan may vary between 90 and 900 US dollars based on the name and caliber of the item. In South Korea jacket prices might vary from $25 to $170 in the US.

At the same time, it is important to bear in mind that prices may vary depending on several factors, including the kind of jacket and the store. For example, the Vietnam clothes prices for luxury Vietnam’s designer jackets can be in the range of additional Asian nations.

Vietnam Clothes Prices for a Selection of Clothing Styles

2. Factors affecting Vietnam clothes price

There are a lot of reasons that make a difference in the Vietnam clothes price such as the production cost, the quality of material used, the name of the brand, and the size of production. By taking these things into account, wholesalers may be in a better position to make sound purchasing decisions and have a clearer perspective on the actual Vietnam clothing price.

2. 1. The production cost

Another factor that determines the Vietnam clothes price or the price of clothes in Vietnam is the production cost. Vietnam is one of the largest suppliers of textiles and apparel for the international clothing market. Apparel may be produced cheaper than in other nations due to the highly skilled labor force and cheap labor costs of the nation.

2. 2. The material quality

Fabric costs are a major determinant of the total Vietnam clothes price due to the quality of inputs used in manufacturing. Vietnam has earned recognition as a country that produces fabrics from superior quality cotton, silk, and linen. When expensive materials are incorporated into the garments then the production cost increases; therefore the prices of garments may be affected.

2. 3. Brand name

Vietnam clothes prices are also determined by the brand name. That being said, costlier brands such as Levi’s, H&M, and Zara can also be located in Vietnam. Closer to reality, generic clothing items are more affordable in independent outlets and local brands.

2. 4. Scale of production

There is the likelihood that the Vietnam clothes price may also vary based on the quantity to be produced. Due to economies of scale, it can be speculated that clothing produced in small lots may be more costly than clothing produced in large lots.

Factors affecting Vietnam clothes price

3. Guidance on where to purchase Vietnam clothes price cheaper

Knowing what influences the Vietnam clothes price, here are some suggestions for purchasing reasonably priced apparel:

  • Research: This can be done by looking into various famous Vietnamese clothing suppliers and markets. Buy from factories and wholesale markets that are known to deal in the type of clothes that you are interested in.
  • Examine costs: After identifying potential wholesale clothing manufacturers or wholesale distributors, compare the Vietnam clothes prices and haggle for a better price. Never hesitate to ask for a special deal or a better price for a large order.
  • Examine the quality: While the price of materials is an important factor, quality cannot be overlooked as well. To ensure that one is sure of the quality of the fabrics used and the quality of the work done, ask for some of the clothes made.
  • Think about the cost of shipping: Another important factor to consider when determining the price of clothes in Vietnam is the cost of shipping. Look for sellers who offer low shipping prices or attempt to buy some items altogether to reduce the overall cost of shipping.
  • Establish connections: It can eventually prove advantageous to take the time to build good relationships with suppliers. By gaining confidence and keeping communication open you are in a position to negotiate for lower Vietnam clothes prices or other services.
  • Stay current: It is also important to focus on market changes and be as adaptable as possible when it comes to orders. You may capitalize on new chances and seek the low Vietnam clothes prices by being receptive to new trends and designs.

Thus, based on these guidelines and conducting research, wholesalers are not only able to achieve cheap Vietnam clothes prices but also maintain quality.

Guidance on where to purchase Vietnam clothes price cheaper

4. Some moderate outlets selling Vietnam clothes price

Vietnam is one of the countries which has the largest number of apparel manufacturing enterprises. Below are the top ten locations where businesses or merchants can source fairly Vietnam clothes price.

4. 1. Garment Vinaz

Vinaz Garment is known for supplying quality clothing at very reasonable clothes in Vietnam price and is a popular supplier. It encompasses several different clothing options that are fairly affordable and made out of good quality fabrics including dresses, T-shirts, jeans, and much more.

The company also prides itself in ensuring customer satisfaction which is another crucial aspect at Vinaz Garment. Therefore, it can be interesting to take Vinaz Garment into account as a potential source of cheap apparel in Vietnam.

Contact with Vinaz Garmnet via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: (+84) 852579123

4. 2 The Garment Corporation of Viet Tien

Viet Tien Garment Corporation will provide the largest benefits to those businesses who are seeking partnerships as merchants. You will not experience any difficulty choosing your location because the company’s venues are equally as strategically located with 443 shops established across Vietnam. They also own more than eight clothing factories which include the largest factory that produces 6. 600 thousand pieces per year, all the necessary goods will always be in your store.

This is also worth specifying that Viet Tien has over 42 years of experience as a garment wholesaler in Vietnam. All of their coats are well crafted and well fitted for Vietnam clothing within an affordable price range.

4. 3. ANN

Among the coat wholesalers that we highly recommend is Ann. Lacking warehouses, Ann managed a standalone 500 M2 business that supplied more than eighty thousand pieces of clothing to retailers. Moreover, the distributor supplies about 10,000 business consumers in Vietnam and other neighboring states. The supplier sends out 3500-4500 products a day with 10-20 new designs daily. Further, if you want to create your product, they are willing to supply the needed materials to you.

That’s all the necessary information about the price of Vietnamese clothes. If you wonder how to buy clothes from Vietnam, read the following article:


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